The aim of this blog is to provide people who have been betrayed with support and coping mechanisms after suffering betrayal. This blog will also highlight the different stages you may go through in the bleak and tumultuous period after the betrayal is unmasked. These phases could include:

Denial. Shock, Anger, Rejection, Guilt, Confusion, Justification and Depression (The most destructive of them all!)

It's this last phase which often leads to suicidal thoughts, or worse, suicide itself. I feel strongly about rallying like-minded people together to form a support system, a friendship circle for anyone who requires our assistance during their time of pain and heartache. We need to be there for them in order to avoid any possible suicides or any suicidal attempts as a result of feeling so alone during this period!

Acceptance will come with time, knowing you are not alone and that others have felt this pain and suffering and most importantly to realise you are not to blame and have nothing to feel ashamed of! More often than not, you will find you will be more resilient, independent and stronger than you ever were before!